Here are some features on your phone that will be lost in the next few years

In a mobile phone that you have, there are various features that you can use, whether the feature you already know or not. If you are currently planning to change your phone, maybe you will be confused where to buy phone. All you have to do is look for a mobile phone sales center that provides the various brands and types you are looking for.

The faster the growth of the phone, the faster it also features of the phone can grow. There are some features that are considered to be lost soon and replaced with better features. Some of these features are

– Fingerprint, replaced with face sensor and eye retina
In the past, the fingerprint feature is very proud and is only available on some types of mobile phones. However, now many phones that already have it. In fact, now, some phones have left their fingerprint sensors and replaced them with face sensor or retina sensors. Does not close the possibility if, in the future, the fingerprint sensor began to be abandoned and replaced with face sensor or retina sensors.

– Physical buttons replaced with virtual keys
There are some phones that have the characteristics of the physical button as the home menu in the body of the phone. now, some phones have left the physical button and replaced it with a virtual button. This innovation exists, of course, in order to maximize screen space or so-called bezel-less screen. It is certain that the next few years, the button is completely gone.

– Removable battery
Nowadays, the unibody smartphone design certainly makes the vendors have to install a battery plant that can not be removed easily by the user. The presence of the waterproof and anti-dust feature is also one of the causes of the trend of the unibody design.
In fact, mobile phones that have removable batteries have their own advantages. As users do not have to worry if the battery is problematic and should be replaced. Smartphones with removable batteries also allow users to cope with hanging on their smartphones by removing the battery.

This Is the Reason Why Work As Customer Care Has High Expense

Customer care is a service that can help customers if they have a complaint against a company. Therefore, the number of customer care should also be easy to remember and can be contacted at any time. You can buy 1300 Numbers to get the number and your customers can contact you because the number is connected to your company website.

However, there is a study that suggests that job as customer care is a job with a high level of stress. Naturally, according to research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Business Insider, the CSO or Call Center profession is one of 27 jobs with the highest levels of stress in the world. From the numbers 0-100, this profession is at 93.3 level you know! In addition to receiving many harsh words, they are also required to not ignite anger when customers start to suck. Just a little emotionally, customers might even report it to their boss.

These Are Some Types Of Eco-Friendly Vehicles That You Can Use

In today’s world, almost everyone has a vehicle that can transport them wherever they go. However, the number of vehicles will make air pollution on earth is increasing and will cause various diseases in humans. However, now there are environmentally friendly vehicles that can reduce air pollution, especially air pollution due to motor vehicles. You can use an electric scooter as a safe vehicle and do not create air pollution for this earth.

There are many types of vehicles that are friendly to the environment that you can use in your daily activities. that way, then you have benefited the earth and human life in it. Some of the vehicles that are environmentally friendly and you can use are

1. Electric scooter type SEEV-800 and Kubo
In the SEEV-800 type has a battery element. Since this motor does not have a motor-like engine usually, the level of the noise is very low. Other than that,
In addition, this scooter also does not cause smoke that contaminates the air in the environment. The speed can be set on the handle, there are brakes and speedometers that can show how much battery capacity remains in use, and speed in kilometers. While in Kubo type, There is space to store and hold the position of goods under the feet. In addition to not cause noise and air pollution, this scooter is also suitable for a courier.

2. Row bike
Row Bike is a bicycle-shaped fitness machine. How to use it very easy simple. Go forward and back down the bike’s handle then the tool will run as the movement continues. Compared to the existing fitness equipment in the room, this fitness tool makes it easier for users to breathe the outside air and can reach any place as it pleases. It also does not require electricity as an energy source.

3. ArcaBoard
a vehicle that can take you to fly with a height that is not large. This vehicle can be controlled to turn or move, can use the application on the phone as well as body movement itself.