Beginning of Photobooth

Currently, photobooth is becoming a trend for today’s photos. Lots of people upload photos on social media while on the photobooth jakarta utara. But, do you know what a photo booth is?

Photobooth is an area provided by the event organizer where guests can pose to be photographed and get immediate results right away. The early history of the photobooth began with a camera that appeared and was created in a large enough size. Because the size is quite large, not all moments can be taken and also not anywhere. Only special people at that time could take pictures, such as those from the kingdom, the government. Not only that, the technology has not been as sophisticated now, especially in the lighting is very vulnerable by bright light.

Starting from this, a photo studio or photobooth was created to avoid contact with the lens with light. along with the times, photo cameras began to be sophisticated and do not have constraints, such as photo service providers are more flexible in their participation in the world of photography, one of them with the photobooth itself. Now photobooths that were once monotonous have changed to become more modern with contemporary decorations or properties and are suitable for photos that are then uploaded on social media.

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