How ayahuasca can be harmful to one’s mind

Although the psychedelic effect of ayahuasca can be used for healing those who suffer from mental diseases, it’s actually can be dangerous as well. If the tea isn’t prepared properly, all the while without the guidance of an expert, drinking the ayahuasca tea can be harmful both to one’s mind and body. That’s why finding a place to get the medication from ayahuasca, like the one at is necessary to a patient may drink the tea safely under the observation of a trusted expert.

It’s obvious that the body will be harmed by the chemicals from the plant if it’s being consumed recklessly. However, as for the mind of the patient, they will likely undergo a nightmare during their trip to the inside of their own subconsciousness. Without the required preparation, they will face their own depression, fear, and anxiety in their true form within their own mind, and they will not ready for them. Thus, causing them to be traumatized, instead of getting inspired by their journey within their own subconsciousness.

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