These Two Good Foods To Enhance Your Memory

One’s memory will indeed affect their lives in the future. This is sure to be good for all of their activities if they have a good memory. One effort to improve memory is to consume supplements. You can get it by visiting

In addition to taking the right supplements, you should also eat healthy foods, such as some foods below.

1. Walnut
Walnut is known to provide appositive effect on heart health. However, it turns out walnut can also improve your memory.

2. Eggs
Eggs are one of the few foods that contain choline, a vitamin-like substance that can make cells function properly. Choline itself is particularly important in the development of the hippocampus, the center of memory in the human brain. Egg yolk itself contains vitamin B12, which is known to decrease homocysteine, a toxic content in the brain and associated with low brain activity.