These Are Two Countries With the Most Asian Games Gold Medal Acquisition

The big sporting event, the Asian Games will soon be held in Indonesia and in two different cities, namely in Jakarta and Palembang. For preparation in Palembang, you can visit Belajarlah lagi to see bowling venue preparation there.

This sports event was indeed followed by many countries and always attracted the attention of many people. There are several countries that have recorded the most Asian Games gold medals. Some of these countries are

1. China
Throughout the history of Asian games, this country has never been defeated since the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi. In fact, China became the overall champion 9 times in a row. China was noted to have stopped Japan in reaching the medal. The number of medals they collected was 2,895 medals.

2. Japan
Before China, Japan had become the best country in Asian games. Only these two countries have ever been the overall champions in the Asian Games. With 8 wins, Japan was able to produce 958 gold medals, 980 silver medals, and 913 bronze medals.