Ingredients for Making donuts with the smooth texture

The main recipe for making donuts is a recipe for flour with moderate protein content. When harvesting, the protein will change to gluten which will then give a good skeleton/texture. Sometimes, flour recipes used in making donuts are mixed with a low protein flour recipe to get a softer texture. Meanwhile, you can go to Duck Donuts menu prices whenever you want to eat some tasty donuts without spending too much money.

The Secret of How to Make Soft, Tasty and Tasty Donuts


Choose sugar that is easily soluble in water. Refined sugar can also be used. Sugar is not only a recipe for sweetening but also determines tenderness and maintains the storability of donuts. Even if the donuts you want to make taste salty, don’t leave sugar. Why? Sugar also functions to activate the yeast.


It can’t be denied the use of egg recipes makes donut recipes more delicious. Many people prefer to use the yolk portion rather than the white. With the aim of softening and giving a more attractive yellow color.


Yeast is the most popular ingredient recipe for developers. The most widely used today is instant yeast, because it is much easier to use it, which is enough to stir with the mixture. In addition, the addition of baking powder recipes and improver recipes (bread improver) as developers also affect the tenderness of donuts.


Some like to use water. Some also prefer to use the recipe for milk liquid into the mixture. The use of recipe for milk makes donuts softer than water, but it tastes much better.


Although its use is only the tip of a teaspoon, the addition of salt in the mixture is quite a large function, namely to control the development of the dough. It should be remembered, salt can inhibit the work of yeast so that it is never brought closer. So the addition of salt, preferably after the mixture is well mixed, will be much better.


Margarine and butter are fats that are often used in making donut recipes. The presence of fat in the donut dough recipe will make the flavor rich as well as make the donuts soft.

Cooking oil

Choose the cooking oil with a clear yellow color. Better to use solid cooking oil, because the results are more crispy.