Tips for dealing with the slow android phones

Smartphones with Android platforms are almost used by all circles. The reason is that this device is available from medium to premium prices. However, often the use of it for daily activities makes its performance decline and even slows down. Apart from that, you may go to a trusted handphone repair service near you whenever you don’t know how to fix your smartphones by yourself.

If the smartphone has been slow or long when used, it will definitely make you annoyed and even tired, especially if you need the best performance at certain times.

We will provide some tips to overcome your slow Android smartphone.

Use cloud services to backup data

Instead of stacking all existing files into internal or external memory that can affect overall system performance, why don’t you try using various cloud hosting services to store files?

Internal memory should be utilized to a minimum because often the internal memory is used by the system to store various files needed by the system in running applications and operating systems. The more free space in internal memory, the more optimal the performance of a smartphone.

Make sure your smartphone is up-to-date

If you have just bought an Android smartphone, maybe you have not used the latest operating system on your smartphone – because some smartphones have to manually update the operating system.

One of the causes of the slow performance of your smartphone is the lack of optimization in the operating system. By updating the operating system, the smartphone will be more optimal and work smoothly.

Although some smartphones can update the operating system automatically, it doesn’t hurt to manually check for updates.

Go to Settings (Settings)> About Phone (About Phone)> Update (Software Update).

The same thing you can do with the application on your smartphone, by opening Play Store> My Apps & Games> and clicking Update All if there are still applications that are not yet renewable.

Using custom ROM

You can do this step if indeed the default operating system of the smartphone feels too burdensome to the system, or you want to use more free space on your smartphone’s internal memory. You can use a custom ROM to replace the default smartphone operating system, it’s just that it’s not as easy as installing an ordinary application.