Conditions that Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer in Men

Cancer is one of the biggest causes of death for both men and women. In women there are two types of cancer that cause the risk of death is high enough, the cancer is breast cancer and cervical cancer. If two of these cancers have developed rapidly, there is the possibility of a massive body condition decline. Visit hope4cancer to get more information.

In men, cancer is quite dangerous and often risky because of the decline in the quality of health is prostate cancer. This cancer is located in the prostate gland and cause the enlargement of organs due to abnormal cells. The only way to overcome this cancer is to continue with other treatment surgery.

In general, prostate cancer can happen to anyone. However, men are more at risk of experiencing it because of some of the things below.

– Age
Age of men determines the high or low risk of prostate cancer. Men who have age above 40 years are usually vulnerable to this disorder. Even more than 60 percent probability. The condition of prostate cancer is rarely present in productive age because the prostate still works well for sex.

Although new appear in men over the age of 40 years, usually this condition can only be detected in men aged 56 years. If a man has experienced this cancer his health condition will decrease. In addition, men also experience pain in the area of the prostate will urinate or ejaculate.

– Race
Based on research conducted by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a feeling determines the risk of prostate cancer. The first race to experience an increased risk of prostate cancer is that of African origin. Next, the whites and most recently are men from the Asian region.

Most likely the race carries a gene that is resistant to cancer and is also affected by the environment. Because Asian people who migrate to America at risk of natural prostate cancer is high enough to remain in their original territory from small to old.

– Dietary habit
Men’s diet affects the high or low risk of prostate cancer. The risk will be higher for men who like to eat red meat or something too fatty. The risk will go down if men consume a lot of vegetables and fruits, especially those containing antioxidants.

Men who eat fatty foods are also easy to experience disorders of obesity. Obesity in men is not directly related to prostate cancer, but fat has to do with the aggressiveness of carcinogenic cells in the body.