Tips to Remove Bad Odor from Carpets

Dirty carpets can be indicated by bad smell. Thus, if your carpet has smelled so bad, it means that your carpet needs to be cleaned. You can call a professional carpet cleaner like the one that you may contact on to help you. Such a professional will know the best tips on how to get rid of the bad smell and clean your carpet.

The first tip to clean areas that are stained or smelly is by sprinkling a mixture of cornmeal on the carpet. You need to spray constantly throughout the carpet, centering on areas that seem to be the dirtiest or smelly. Then, you need to quit the room and allow the mixture to seep into the carpet for an hour.

You have to keep children and pets out of the room when the mixture seeps into the carpet. You should also not use too much powder so your vacuum is difficult to handle. A little sprinkling is enough to remove the smell and mild stains.

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