The ideal amount of time for children to play video games

Both boys and girls, most children today are hard to get away from video games. When it’s fun to play in front of a television screen or computer, the child may be forgetting to eat, bathe, or do school tasks. Play video games are fun and useful. Children can at the same time learn many new things, such as managing strategies, making decisions, and competing fairly. So, legitimate if your child is happy to play video games. Apart from that, check out the family offer from Spotify at the familyfitnessfood website.

However, over time playing video games can have a negative impact on children. Then, is there really an ideal video game time for children? This question is often expressed by parents who feared his son was addicted to playing video games. To answer the question, pay attention to the information below.

How long can a child play video games?

According to a study conducted by experts at Oxford University, England, children should not play video games more than an hour each day. Many parents are afraid that their children will not learn because they are too busy playing video games so they can only play on weekends. Actually, this is not necessary as long as you can firmly limit the time to play video games for children.

Note also if your child also often spend time behind the computer screen, smartphone, or television. Maybe when he finished playing his favorite games on the computer, the child will move and play on his smartphone. So, according to child specialists at The American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should limit the time children spend with electronic devices for no more than two hours a day.

What happens when a child plays video games beyond the ideal time limit?

According to research in the journal Pediatrics in 2013, playing video games for hours every day just will not bring benefits for children. Too long play in front of the television screen and computer adversely affects the child’s psychological condition. The many problems that are encountered in children who are too often play video games are hyperactivity, concentration and attention disorders (attention), as well as difficulty building empathy with the people around him.

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