Use the Right Handbag With These Four Tips

As a woman who works, the existence of a bag really helps them. Therefore, the bag can be a carrier of all the goods they need. Bags can also balance their style in the office. So, they will be very careful in choosing the ladies briefcase that they will use in the office. It would be nice if they could use the right bag in their office.

However, there are some tips you can do when using a bag to go to the office. Some tips are

1. Use the bag diagonally
Bags that are too heavy and the wrong way to carry a bag can be a cause of increased risk of scoliosis, body posture will be bent, headaches and osteoarthritis, joint damage and anxiety can be a bad impact from carrying the wrong bag and heavy burden and trauma to the nerves.

2. Use interchangeably
It is not recommended to use bags only on one side. Because this can cause the muscles to work too hard and can worsen your body posture. For that, move the bag from the left shoulder to the right or vice versa every few minutes.

3. Use a backpack
Using a bag that usually only rests on one shoulder makes the whole body rest on one point and will be very burdensome.
For that, the backpack is designed to be carried with both shoulders, so the load is halved and feels lighter.

4. Choice of bags with wide straps
So that the load is evenly distributed on the shoulder, use a bag with a wide strap. Ideally, use a bag with pads. It is able to accelerate your blood circulation.

With these four tips, you are expected to be able to use the bag correctly and to suit your needs. You also cannot carry a heavy burden because it will make your body feel pain in some parts. parts that will feel pain like your shoulders, back, and muscles. This will cause muscle trauma and stress.

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